One shower a week

Nearby the Dutch village of Angeren nine adults, five children, six sheep, a lot of chicken and a dog live together in one house on one piece of land; intentional community De Brouwketel.

De ‘Brouwketelaars’ live a self-sufficient and sustainable life. They grow their own fruit and vegetables, make their own yoghurt and bake their own bread. As little water, electricity and plastic is used and the house is heated using wood from the land. Stuff is bought at charity shops or handmade and together they share a car.

Since March 2019 I have been photographing and filming de people of De Brouwketel.

At the moment I am working on a photobook; One shower a week.

Published in de Volkskrant. and awarded with the second prize of de Paul Peters Fotoprijs (Zilveren Camera).