De Brouwketel

At sustainable living community ‘De Brouwketel’ eight adults, five children and a whole lot of animals live together on one farm, in the Dutch village of Huissen. The ‘Brouwketelaars’ try to live as sustainably as possible. They grow their own fruit and vegetables, warm their house in a sustainable way and share a car. I have been photographing the ‘Brouwketelaars’ since 2,5 years. Every time I visit the Brouwketel it feels like I am entering a totally different world; no screens and no full diaries.

Because of Covid, my life became a lot more ‘back to basic’. What struck me is that at the Brouwketel everything stayed more or less the same. For the people of the Brouwketel back to basic is their everyday reality.

Published in de Volkskrant. and awarded with the second prize of de Paul Peters Fotoprijs (Zilveren Camera).