One shower a week

Just outside the Dutch village of Angeren (Gelderland), nine adults, five children, six sheep, lots of chickens and a dog live together in one house: intentional community De Brouwketel.

The ‘Brouwketelaars’ try to live a self-sufficient and sustainable life. They grow their own fruit and vegetables, make yoghurt themselves and bake their own bread. They also consume as little water, electricity and plastic as they can, while heating their house with firewood gathered from the land. Almost everything they need is bought at charity shops or handmade.

I photographed and filmed the inhabitants of De Brouwketel over a three-and-a-half-year period On average, I visited once every two months and often stayed the night.

My numerous stays at De Brouwketel opened up a new world to me. At the same time, they made me confront myself in many ways. I was moved by the Brouwketelaars mindful approach to nature, their less neurotic attitude to hygiene and their slow way of living. They are unconcerned with external appearances. I began to look at my own life differently. Sometimes unsettling, often enriching. At the moment I am working on a book about De Brouwketel, designed by Syb Photobooks.

Published in de Volkskrant. and awarded with the second prize of de Paul Peters Fotoprijs (Zilveren Camera).